The Riscrivo (Rewrite) collection of pens and pencils is made from recycled materials that are processed in an environmentally-friendly way, from collection to the recycling process to production.
All the products have a label indicating what material they are made from: plastic from recycled disposable cups, CD and DVD cases, car headlights and reflectors.

“Alisea’s pens and pencils each have a story to tell.
The story of the recycled material with which it was made, the story of the project that inspired the object’s production, the story of the supply chain, from collecting to processing the scrap and giving it a value.”


A collection of pens made by recycling car, motorcycle and truck headlights and reflectors. Washed, ground and reduced to small granules, they become the raw material for creating pens and other small items of stationery.

Available in red, orange and crystal, they can also be made in the color requested by the customer by using transparent methacrylate.
The Headlight pen has a twist mechanism and uses a refill cartridge that has been made in Italy by an industry leader.
It is available with blue or black anti-smear ink and contains enough ink for at least 2 km of writing.

All the pens have “I was a reflector” written on them and are certified ReMade in Italy, the first brand for products and materials that are recycled and reused in Italy; a trademark created to promote Italian sustainable industries.
The ReMade in Italy brand includes information about the sustainability characteristics of the material and the product, in terms of savings in raw materials, energy savings and CO2 emission reductions.

Confartigianato Vicenza
Confartigianato Vicenza. Is the Provincial Association of artisans which has been promoting and communicating the values of small businesses for the past 70 years. A positive strength, collective expression of values and interests.

Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union Italy 2014
Headlight Pen is made of plastic recovered and recycled from the Italian industrial production of headlights for motor vehicles. So, nothing is wasted.
Every Headlight Pen has written “I WAS A CAR REFLECTOR”.

Various colors and pad printing customizations available.

Upon request, the Headlight pens can be packed in transparent boxes, made of recycled PET.


Made using recycled polypropylene chips from disposable cups and tableware.
Ballpoint pen, steel tip and spring, blue or black anti-smear ink refill cartridges made in Italy.

Plastic Cup Pencil “I was a disposable polypropylene plate”.

Examples of pad printing.


Double – No plastic and no waste highlighter
Double is a double-pointed highlighter born as an alternative to classic plastic highlighters. It is different because it doesn’t dry when into contact with air reducing the risk of waste. Its wooden body is FSC and PEFC certified to guarantee that it comes from worldwide forests responsibly managed. Double won BAPP Innovation award in France. The highlighter colours can be chosen among red, blue, orange, yellow, green and light blue.
Customisation: pad screen printing or hot printing on the entire surface.

Double highlighter for Geistlich

Customization: one colour hot printing

Double highlighter for Quence

Customisation:  hot printing silver foil


PNEUmatita Pirelli
Pirelli adopted the “Zero Waste to Landfill” philosophy and is committed to promote alternative and innovative uses of End-of-Life Tyres (ELT). PNEUmatita is an innovative pencil which is not made out of the traditional wood but, instead, uses material obtained from ground ELT.
The “O-RINGs” of the packaging are made of natural rubber and can be re-used as collectable bracelets.

Pencil made from recycled plastic CD covers or disposable cups
The pencils are the original color of the covers/cups that were recycled and are not dyed.
They are made entirely of plastic and graphite. Customization: screen printing in one color.
Available in ten shades: orange, blue, yellow, black, pink, red, green, purple.

Each pencil is labeled with the type of items that was used to create it.

Pencil made from recycled plastic CD covers or disposable cups
Various colors available and pad printing of your logo or name.

Post-consumer recycled plastic pencil
The plastic used for the production of these pencils is collected from recycle bins in homes, schools and businesses.
The pencil can be made with or without an eraser.
In the first case, the percentage of recycled plastic is 46%, in the second it is 54%.

Pencil made from post-consumer recycled plastic
The entire surface can be customized using digital printing.

Pencil made from post-consumer recycled plastic
Examples of customizations.


Prima is a revolutionary writing tool, inspired by an artistic, ancient and fascinating writing technique.
It is as precise as a pencil but with a sleek and elegant design.
The special Ethergraf® tip, made from a patented alloy of metals, means that Prima can last “forever” without the need for inks or refills.
Prima is completely handmade in Italy.
Sergio Mori Design.

Length: 18 cm (7,08 in).
Diameter: 1 cm (0,39 in).
Weight: 39 gr.

Prima is available in 7 colors:
natural aluminum, black, titanium, air force blue, red, blue and yellow.

Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort
Prima marked with the logo of the Hotel: costumizated using laser engraving technique.

Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort
Prima has been chosen by the Hotel Excelsior in Venice in 6 different colors: black, titanium, aviation, red, blue and yellow. Costumizated using laser engraving.

Prima is delivered with an elegant and resistant packaging, made of a black, cylindrical cardboard.


Cuban has a body made of maple wood from the hands of skillfull craftsmen. To increase the smoothness of the handle, the wooden body has been plunged in warm vegetable oil and then dried by hand with a simple cloth.
Its tip is made of Ethergraf®, a patented alloy of metals, which means Cuban can last “forever” without the need for inks or refills.
Design by Sergio Mori.

Length 10 cm
Diameter 2 cm
Weight 31 gr

Cuban’s packaging is made from an aluminum tube, in line with its evocative shape of Cuban cigar.

Cuban is available in 3 different colours, wood, titanium and multilayer. Customizable by laser engraving.